We have something to be proud of!

Hallo! Guten Tag! Greetings in German. German as one of the widely spoken language has been in high importance all around the globe especially in Nepal.  One must be proficient in German if he/she is seeking for German visa. Weather it is for Higher Studies, Work (Au-pair), Business, Travel, or Visit, basic knowledge of German is always mandatory. Therefor it is always the wise step to learn this door opening language before you departure to Deutschland.

Trust Educational Academy at Pokhara has been the leading provider of German language courses in Nepal since the 2012. This is the place where your journey to Germany begins. We are dedicated to meeting our students’ diverse and ever-changing motivations for learning German. Regardless of your background, we are here to help and guide you with all our resources to provide you best German language learning experience.

At Trust, we understand how difficult it is for Nepalese communities to learn German as foreign language. The foundation of our courses is designed for students with different educational background with same aim to not only pass B1 level of German but also to excel on it. We believe learning language not only comes from student-teacher interaction, but also sound understanding of German culture, tradition, trend, history, livelihood, geography etc. Keeping this in mind, unlike other business oriented institute, we do not provide short intensive language B1 courses rather we believe in steady and quality learning. Students can attend classes until they are confident enough to face exams. That is why we have highest success rate in Nepal and almost every time we bring high score.

Why Choose Us?

There was a time when students had to move to Kathmandu to learn German. Now time has changed, we have many stories where students from reputed language institute in Kathmandu has come to Pokhara to join our institute and loved our services. We proudly present following qualities in our services:

  • A1, A2 and B1 level German language class from our high qualified and experienced instructors. Our instructor spent 14 years of his life in Germany and Austria to learn about their language and culture.
  • One hour class from Sunday to Thursday at any time between 5 AM to 7 PM. Students and job holders can take benefits from this. They can have enough time for their work/student and language class.
  • Diagnostic exam before beginning of your class. We place you into the group according to your result of this exam. There will be internal exam every week to track your progress.
  • Library with all the updated and advanced learning materials for all four sections; Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Once you are enroll to Trust, you can come and use tour facility any time in a day. Wi-Fi also available.
  • Modern learning methodology: we use audio, video, posters, cards, and material from internet to make learning with fun!
  • Instruction and excursions. Learn about German language and cultures at practical life. We organize special events. Sometime go to restaurant and learn how to talk in German.
  • Affordable fees of Rs.12000 per course. Duration of the course is very flexible, you can attend class until you are confident enough to face exam.
  • Free “Study and Work in Germany” counseling. We will guide you through every steps like University/Job application, dates and deadlines, Visa interview and documentation.
  • Less processing charges. We can get you university admission letter with minimum charges.
  • Free visa interview preparation, for both student and Au-pair.
  • Up to 50% scholarships to highest scorer in any Goethe exam.
  • Small class sizes (typically between 6-12 students) and the innovative, thoughtful, and creative German language lesson.

If you are willing to learn German to be a tourist guide, we have special classes for you as well. Also, if you are in need of German speaking tourist guide, you can call us.


I am learning German in Trust Education since last December. The best part of this institute is its familiar environment. It provide all student a suitable environment. Where gaining knowledge gets easier. the effective teaching method, qualified teacher and familiar environment is the reason of success of this institute.